Why do I need to be smart about money?

     Money, that important little piece of paper that you trade for food and shelter, is little understood.  This website strives to increase the user's knowledge of how to be smarter about earning, spending, and investing money.  The goal is financial freedom and independence

     Knowledge of how to deal wih money touches every aspect of your life, yet few of us are educated by our school systems to deal with even the simplest transaction.  Often the most sophisticated of us is ignorant when it comes to money.  A lifetime of effective work can become a retirement reduced to lack of the simplest of needs. 

     The economic system in the United States and most of the free world is set up to be competitive.  This system is successful in driving advances in our society.  But, it also results in others competing for the money in your pocket, as in trying to get it into their pocket.  Being Smarter About Money will help you keep it in your pocket.

     This site is broken into sections:  Earning money, Spending money, and Investing money.  The intent is to bring together, in an easy to use format, the knowledge and tools to plan for a secure financial future.  None of us knows all there is to know about money.  By collecting the wisdom of successes and failures, we hope to add to the collective financial wisdom of our society and to a more independent life for all.